Thursday, April 17, 2008

Burma Democratic Diagram 3

Burma Democratic Diagram is released for distribution and public discussion. This is diagram to lay down all possible calculations on table. This was done with the support of friends in political science departments in various universities and some political parties from inside Burma. 1st and 2nd editions were discussed between original authors and participants. This is the 3rd edition. (Download HERE.)

This diagram is not the opinion of one person. This is an accumulated result of opinions of many people interviewed. This is not our opinion. We are just maintainers of this chart. We will add your opinions too. Please send us email, if you want to have original Microsoft Visio source file of if your opinion is not mentioned in this chart. We will add your opinion to this chart. Then we’ll update it. Thank you.

Can somebody help us translate this into Burmese please?
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We will add your opinion and publish a new edition soon.

Print this. Glue it up to read the chart.
Read from top to bottom. Follow arrows. Then please discuss.
Hey isn't it a democratic practice to let everyone talk and listen to different opinions?

Best wishes to all democratic activists!
Worst wishes to ThanShwe and the corrupted murders!

1988-Generation Students of Burma

2007 Safaron Revolution Events Log:

Drafting Law Suit against Than Shwe & SPDC Members

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reading Interesting Old News

January 5, 1948, Monday
The world this week welcomed a new nation into the great global family. Free Burma has broken completely away from the bonds of the British Empire. But unlike our own secession, in 1776, the break was achieved by peaceful negotiation instead of war. Yet by yielding Britain does not lose all in Burma.

April 12, 1948, Monday
RANGOON, Burma, April 11 (AP) -- More than 100,000 persons bowed in homage today before the flag-draped coffins of Gen. U Aung San and eight other Burmese Government leaders who were slain last July. Most of them had been lying in state for nine months in Jubilee Hall.

New Settlements Dot Wider Jerusalem Corridor -- One Is Named for Morgenthau
October 28, 1948, Thursday
MORGENTHAU, Palestine, Oct. 27 -- Morgenthau is not yet on the map but its Hebrew equivalent soon will be. It is another Jewish settlement, founded today just inside the "Burma Road" corridor that the Israelis carved through Arab territory from Israel proper to Jerusalem.

Burma, U. S. in Education Pact
December 23, 1947, Tuesday

December 15, 1851, Wednesday
Page 4, 1254 words

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Security Council remains seized of the matter.


Presidential Statement Reaffirms Strong Support
For Recent Good Offices Mission, Early Return to Facilitate Tangible Results

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To file Law Suit on Than Shwe at International Criminal Court

Please volunteer your time and expertise to save 1000s of murders in future

A group of 88-Generation Students urge all Safaron Revolution Activists around the world (any nationality) to study this case in detail, to draft a well-informed document complaint, and to submit it to the International Criminal Court of the United Nations.

Please volunteer your time and expertise to save 1000s of murders in future
and to justify thousands of victims in the past. This is just a part-time job. Full-timers from related NGOs are most welcomed. We are organizing people with good knowledge in international laws, political science, diplomacy, work experience in the UN, or any useful expertise.

PART-1: Analysis and Drafting to submit to Prosecutors of ICC
We need Team-1 to read rules, procedures jurisdiction requirements.
Useful references:-
  1. Advisory Committee on Genocide Prevention
  2. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
  3. Victims' guide to the International Criminal Court (ebook: 109 pages)

PART-2: Reporting on Massive Violation of Laws by Burmese Junta
  • We suggest Team-2 to work closely with Team-3, to write a proper report with information collected by Team-3. A long list of violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and existing laws needs to be documented, before forgotten. Witness references (including details such as victims' names, address, brief record, etc.) will be collected by the help of UNHCR and NLD network in Burma. (e.g. Shooting unarmed street demonstrators were simply murder. We need dates, time, place of shooting, evidence photos, estimated death toll, etc.)
  • Useful references:-

PART-3: Witness and Reference Collection
  • Than Shwe's troops were practicing anarchy, violating so many laws (from UN's international conventions to their existing Burmese laws). We suggest Team-3 to collect any useful evidence on their violation of every article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and witness references (including details such as victims' names, address, brief record, etc.).
  • Confirmed evidences of how many victims (or cases) for every article in the UN Declaration of Human Rights are now seriously needed. (This will sum up how many years Than Shwe has to go to jail.) Field interviews and data collection needs to be done. NLD people are willing to help on this.

Please contact burmanow at gmail dot com for questions or volunteer offers. Thank you.


Attempt to send Than Shwe to International Criminal Court

It is recently reported that a group of democratic activists are trying to find a way to file a law suit at International Criminal Court for this recent genocide committed by the Myanmar military.

Please see this for further information:
If there are any lawyers out there, the activists need legal help. Please send us at burmanow<<@>>

ICJ (International Court of Justice) is only for arguments between countries.

Friday, October 5, 2007

UN Security Council Meeting Minutes


  • Deeply Concerned over Rights Violations,
  • Members Call for End to Repression,
  • Immediate Release of Political Prisoners

Full text here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Restricting Foreign Media in Yangon

Admin: [Mizzima Burmese Breaking News on 4 Oct] Street vendors in Yangon were asked to sign an agreement stating that they would not talk to foreign media. Near Sule Pagoda area, SPDC supports were going around in cars with the pictures of protesters and announcing that they would capture anyone who let those protestants to hide in their houses.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Write to ICRC Yangon to save Dying Monks due to Lack of Medical Treatment

Write to ICRC Yangon to save Dying Monks due to Lack of Medical Treatment.
And then send CC to ICRC head office to push them too.

ICRC Yangon
No. 2 (C) - 5 Dr. Ba Han Lane
Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, 8th Mile
Mayangone Township
Tel.: (+951) 662 613 / 664 524
Fax: (+951) 650 117
Head of delegation: Mr CONOD Pierre-André
Languages spoken: French/English
Media contact person: Mr RIBAUX Thierry
Languages spoken: English/French

ICRC Head Office (For Asia & Pacific )
Deputy spokesperson
Phone: (+41 22) 730 24 05
Mobile: (+41 79) 217 32 26

Rep. of the Mass Murderers
Email him and ask him why he is part of the genocide and he should resign.
H.E Mr Kyaw Tint Swe.
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary
Permanent Representative :
Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations
10 East 77th Street, New York NY 10021
Tel:(212) 744-1271/1275/1279
Email: ,

US$ 200 to be free

MizzimaBurmese reports that those who got arrested by just watching the protests can go free if their homes come and pay a deposit of 200,000 kyats (about US$ 200).

Uncivilized way of Arresting People

T43: Uncivilized way of arresting people by the Burmese barbaric junta:
Brought to you by CNN.