Thursday, April 17, 2008

Burma Democratic Diagram 3

Burma Democratic Diagram is released for distribution and public discussion. This is diagram to lay down all possible calculations on table. This was done with the support of friends in political science departments in various universities and some political parties from inside Burma. 1st and 2nd editions were discussed between original authors and participants. This is the 3rd edition. (Download HERE.)

This diagram is not the opinion of one person. This is an accumulated result of opinions of many people interviewed. This is not our opinion. We are just maintainers of this chart. We will add your opinions too. Please send us email, if you want to have original Microsoft Visio source file of if your opinion is not mentioned in this chart. We will add your opinion to this chart. Then we’ll update it. Thank you.

Can somebody help us translate this into Burmese please?
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We will add your opinion and publish a new edition soon.

Print this. Glue it up to read the chart.
Read from top to bottom. Follow arrows. Then please discuss.
Hey isn't it a democratic practice to let everyone talk and listen to different opinions?

Best wishes to all democratic activists!
Worst wishes to ThanShwe and the corrupted murders!

1988-Generation Students of Burma

2007 Safaron Revolution Events Log:

Drafting Law Suit against Than Shwe & SPDC Members

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