Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reading Interesting Old News

January 5, 1948, Monday
The world this week welcomed a new nation into the great global family. Free Burma has broken completely away from the bonds of the British Empire. But unlike our own secession, in 1776, the break was achieved by peaceful negotiation instead of war. Yet by yielding Britain does not lose all in Burma.

April 12, 1948, Monday
RANGOON, Burma, April 11 (AP) -- More than 100,000 persons bowed in homage today before the flag-draped coffins of Gen. U Aung San and eight other Burmese Government leaders who were slain last July. Most of them had been lying in state for nine months in Jubilee Hall.

New Settlements Dot Wider Jerusalem Corridor -- One Is Named for Morgenthau
October 28, 1948, Thursday
MORGENTHAU, Palestine, Oct. 27 -- Morgenthau is not yet on the map but its Hebrew equivalent soon will be. It is another Jewish settlement, founded today just inside the "Burma Road" corridor that the Israelis carved through Arab territory from Israel proper to Jerusalem.

Burma, U. S. in Education Pact
December 23, 1947, Tuesday

December 15, 1851, Wednesday
Page 4, 1254 words

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Security Council remains seized of the matter.


Presidential Statement Reaffirms Strong Support
For Recent Good Offices Mission, Early Return to Facilitate Tangible Results

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To file Law Suit on Than Shwe at International Criminal Court

Please volunteer your time and expertise to save 1000s of murders in future

A group of 88-Generation Students urge all Safaron Revolution Activists around the world (any nationality) to study this case in detail, to draft a well-informed document complaint, and to submit it to the International Criminal Court of the United Nations.

Please volunteer your time and expertise to save 1000s of murders in future
and to justify thousands of victims in the past. This is just a part-time job. Full-timers from related NGOs are most welcomed. We are organizing people with good knowledge in international laws, political science, diplomacy, work experience in the UN, or any useful expertise.

PART-1: Analysis and Drafting to submit to Prosecutors of ICC
We need Team-1 to read rules, procedures jurisdiction requirements.
Useful references:-
  1. Advisory Committee on Genocide Prevention
  2. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
  3. Victims' guide to the International Criminal Court (ebook: 109 pages)

PART-2: Reporting on Massive Violation of Laws by Burmese Junta
  • We suggest Team-2 to work closely with Team-3, to write a proper report with information collected by Team-3. A long list of violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and existing laws needs to be documented, before forgotten. Witness references (including details such as victims' names, address, brief record, etc.) will be collected by the help of UNHCR and NLD network in Burma. (e.g. Shooting unarmed street demonstrators were simply murder. We need dates, time, place of shooting, evidence photos, estimated death toll, etc.)
  • Useful references:-

PART-3: Witness and Reference Collection
  • Than Shwe's troops were practicing anarchy, violating so many laws (from UN's international conventions to their existing Burmese laws). We suggest Team-3 to collect any useful evidence on their violation of every article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and witness references (including details such as victims' names, address, brief record, etc.).
  • Confirmed evidences of how many victims (or cases) for every article in the UN Declaration of Human Rights are now seriously needed. (This will sum up how many years Than Shwe has to go to jail.) Field interviews and data collection needs to be done. NLD people are willing to help on this.

Please contact burmanow at gmail dot com for questions or volunteer offers. Thank you.


Attempt to send Than Shwe to International Criminal Court

It is recently reported that a group of democratic activists are trying to find a way to file a law suit at International Criminal Court for this recent genocide committed by the Myanmar military.

Please see this for further information:
If there are any lawyers out there, the activists need legal help. Please send us at burmanow<<@>>

ICJ (International Court of Justice) is only for arguments between countries.

Friday, October 5, 2007

UN Security Council Meeting Minutes


  • Deeply Concerned over Rights Violations,
  • Members Call for End to Repression,
  • Immediate Release of Political Prisoners

Full text here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Restricting Foreign Media in Yangon

Admin: [Mizzima Burmese Breaking News on 4 Oct] Street vendors in Yangon were asked to sign an agreement stating that they would not talk to foreign media. Near Sule Pagoda area, SPDC supports were going around in cars with the pictures of protesters and announcing that they would capture anyone who let those protestants to hide in their houses.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Write to ICRC Yangon to save Dying Monks due to Lack of Medical Treatment

Write to ICRC Yangon to save Dying Monks due to Lack of Medical Treatment.
And then send CC to ICRC head office to push them too.

ICRC Yangon
No. 2 (C) - 5 Dr. Ba Han Lane
Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, 8th Mile
Mayangone Township
Tel.: (+951) 662 613 / 664 524
Fax: (+951) 650 117
Head of delegation: Mr CONOD Pierre-André
Languages spoken: French/English
Media contact person: Mr RIBAUX Thierry
Languages spoken: English/French

ICRC Head Office (For Asia & Pacific )
Deputy spokesperson
Phone: (+41 22) 730 24 05
Mobile: (+41 79) 217 32 26

Rep. of the Mass Murderers
Email him and ask him why he is part of the genocide and he should resign.
H.E Mr Kyaw Tint Swe.
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary
Permanent Representative :
Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations
10 East 77th Street, New York NY 10021
Tel:(212) 744-1271/1275/1279
Email: ,

US$ 200 to be free

MizzimaBurmese reports that those who got arrested by just watching the protests can go free if their homes come and pay a deposit of 200,000 kyats (about US$ 200).

Uncivilized way of Arresting People

T43: Uncivilized way of arresting people by the Burmese barbaric junta:
Brought to you by CNN.

Propose Nobel Peace Prize to Burmese Buddhist Monks

Admin: This is a link to sign petition to propose a Nobel Peace Prize to monks in Myanmar

Call UN Hotlines to Find Missing Persons

Call the UN hotlines in Yangon, to search for missing persons.
(01) 554-597
(01) 554-625

Radio Free Asia hotline:
(001) 202 463 2148

08:13 AM

Admin: Burmese Actor, Kyaw Thu and his wife, have fled to the Thai border area. For details, pls read at this link:

08:02 AM

Admin: Yangon's Brigadier General Hla Htay Win & family have been put under house arrest and all of their properties have been confiscated.

The Butcher of Depayin dies

Mizzima reports: Burma's ailing Prime Minister Lt-Gen Soe Win has died at the military hospital in Mingalardon, Rangoon on Tuesday, sources said. Soe Win, who returned to Burma on Monday from a secret medical treatment in Singapore, died at about 5:00 p.m (local time), sources added. The Burmese Prime Minister is known to have been suffering from Leukemia and had secretly received medical treatment in Singapore. Soe Win, who is a Senior General Than Shwe loyalist, is also known as "the Butcher of Depayin" for orchestrating the Depayin massacre in 2003 by ordering mobs to attack on pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's motorcade. Sources said Soe Win will be replaced by Lt-Gen Thein Sein and Tin Aung Myint Oo will be promoted to Thein Sein's position as Secretary-I.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

People who Recently Died during Protests

List of people who died during protests in Burma:

11:09 PM

NikNayman: 17 truck loads of prisoners were taken away from Insein GTI. It was dark, and detail of the prisoners is unknown.

10:00 PM

NikNayman: Dictator's lawless troops raided Bahan 3rd-Street tonight at 10pm. Arrested all men between 20 and 70. Only women and children were left.

7:00 PM Gambari met with Than Shwe and ASSK

AP: UN representative Mr.Gambari met with Than Shwe today. However, he also met Suu Kyi for the second time on this trip this afternoon. Diplomats comment that this is some progress. He has left Burma, rushing back to New York en route Singapore. Activist groups estimate that 200 people died and 6000 got arrested.

6:11 PM

Admin: SPDC supporters are informing their friend protesters in their area that the military regime will go around detaining those people at nights.

5:16 PM

Ko Hla: Australia has rejected Myanmar's nomination of an army general as envoy to Canberra in response to the crackdown on Buddhist monks and pro-democracy supporters in the country, the Australian government said on Tuesday. Brigadier-General Thura U Thet Oo Maung, a former member of the Myanmar Army Command, was nominated several months ago to fill the vacant ambassador position at the heavily protected mission near Australia's parliament.

5:00 PM

Admin: Detained Monks and Nuns are on hunger-strike within their prisons against the SPDC.

4:00 PM

MizzimaBurmese: Chinese government has issued an order to Buddhist monasteries in the Burma-China border areas, not to accept Burmese Buddhist monks, if they come to stay.

A friendly tip from UN delegation group in NY

A Burmese delegate, who is discreetly democratic, in NewYork, who arrived to NY recently, told one of his buddies that Burmese democratic activists need to understand how to push the UNSC, which button to push to make it work. There is something called "UN diplomacy". There is a lot to understand.

For example, activists needs to understand
- how UNSC authorized UN troops to send to East Timor
- how UNSC may send UN troops without permission of Sudan government, so on.. so on..

3:00 PM

MizzimaBurmese: Recent unconfirmed news mentioned that all government technical colleges will be closed down for a month.

2:00 PM

MizzimaBurmese: Burmese junta has removed barbed-wire barriers around Sule Pagoda, however 250 members of the junta's troops remains in the area.


Admin: Democratic activists sent out warnings that supporters of military regime are trying to hack into emails, forums and websites. Be warned.

1:00 PM

Unconfirmed sources informed us that Gambari is now accepted to meet Than Shwe.

10:45 PM

Admin: Boycotting Junta News - From 8 PM to 8:15 PM every night, when the military-run TV station is broadcasting news, Myanmar people show a sign of silent protest by turning off their TVs and lights in the house.

10:45 PM

Admin: Boycotting Junta News - From 8 PM to 8:15 PM every night, when the military-run TV station is broadcasting news, Myanmar people show a sign of silent protest by turning off their TVs and lights in the house.

1974 Monks and Nuns to send to Bawathit Prison

minzaw: 1974 monks and nuns being arrested at Insein GTI are now scheduled to be sent to Bawathit Prison, Kabaw Valley, Sagaing Division. Details unknown. Activists encourage for possible reporters to keep an aye on all these detention centers. Current satellite images requested.

10:57 AM

Ko Hla: All Light Infantry Division (LID) commanders are detained in NayPyiTaw by Than Shwe. Only battalion commanders are left in the battalions. LID 33 Commander, Brigadier-General Min Zaw and LID 99 Commander, Brigadier-General Hla Tun Ooo are reportedly removed from the post for not accepting his order. The commanders are in favor of restraint while Than Shwe is in favor of opening fire on the protestors.

10:57 AM

Ko Hla: All of the Light Infantry Division (LID) commanders are now detained in NayPyiTaw by Than Shwe. Only battalion commanders are left in the battalions. LID 33 Commander, Brigadier-General Min Zaw and LID 99 Commander, Brigadier-General Hla Tun Ooo are reportedly removed from the post for not accepting his orders. The commanders are in favor of restraint while Than Shwe is in favor of opening fire on the demonstrators.

List of 344 People who were Arrested

NikNayman: List of 344 people being arrested by the forces of tyrant junta. There still are much more not listed yet. Download the Excel file here:

Write to WHO Yangon

Several monks are dying every single days, due to lack of medical treatment.
Please write to WHO Yangon office to inspect medical facilities at the junta's detention centers.

Permanent Representative
World Health Organization

Write to United Nations Information Centre

Mr. Charles Petrie (UNDP Resident Representative)
6 Natmauk Road
Yangon, Myanmar
Telephone Number : (95-1) 542-910
Fax Number: (95-1) 542-634
E-mail Address :

Dead body of a monk floating in Yangon River

NikNayman: Dead body of a monk floating in Yangon River:

8:00 AM

XXX: Junta has ordered all government employees (except guards) to move away from Yangon to Naypyidaw. It also announced that government officials will be considered responsible if their subordinate staffs go on strike.

Monday, October 1, 2007

11:00 AM

There are fewer security forces in downtown, however they are there at almost every main junctions. Roads are open again, and military trucks are patrolling around frequently.

06:20 AM

Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI of Vatican has expressed that he'd like to be close and friendly with the Burmese people, and that he's worriedly watching situation in Myanmar.

Thousand of Deaths said Burmese Colonel

MMedWatch: From The Daily Mail and updated Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma's ruling junta has revealed.

The most senior official to defect so far, Hla Win, said: 'Many more people have been killed in recent days than you've heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand.'
Mr Win, who spoke out as a Swedish diplomat predicted that the revolt has failed, said he fled when he was ordered to take part in a massacre of holy men. He has now reached the border with Thailand.

Reports from other exiles along the frontier confirmed that hundreds of monks had simply ' disappeared' as 20,000 troops swarmed around Rangoon yesterday to prevent further demonstrations by religious groups and civilians.

Khin Ohmar, the head of the Thailand-based Asia-Pacific People's Partnership on Burma, said she had heard from witnesses that "more than 100 were shot down at Tam We high school in Rangoon" but the number of deaths could not be confirmed.

A Burmese Colonel seeking Asylum

A Norway media web site reported that a Burmese colonel is now seeking asylum at Norway government.

3:00 PM

Admin: Today at around 3pm, on San Pya Road, the soldiers were checking everyone who carried bags and arrested 2 perons, who are in their 20s, though they did not carry any camera/mobile phone.

3:00 PM

Admin: Today at around 3pm, on San Pya Road, the soldiers were checking everyone who carried bags and arrested 2 perons, who are in their 20s, though they did not carry any camera/mobile phone.

3:00 PM Gambari visiting Shan State

Gambari has been visiting Shan State, and at present he is at 105-mile trading centre. He has flew from Yangon to Larshao with a special plane, and from Lashao by helicopter. He will have to go and see the pro-government rallies, arranged as forced participation. 105-mile trading centre is at 7 miles southwest of Muse near China borders.

2:00 PM

Admin: Today at around 2pm, 20 students (youths) were arrested near Sule area. They were locals from 15th South Oakkalar township and went to Sule area (downtown) to demonstrate.

1:55 PM

MinZaw: 1500 people have getting organized at Junction 8 at present.

1:45 PM

Today, 11 Thai monks and 45 Thai nationals protested in front of Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok.

1:30 PM Yangon

About 2000 people gathered on Insein Road and marching toward Thamine now.

1:00 PM

Pro-dictator forces changed their approach. THey are now formed by 3 groups: soldiers, police, and Swanarrshin members. They say that they will arrest if more than 4 people group together.

12:08 PM

A corpse of a dead monk was found in Yangon River.

12:00 Noon Mandalay

Peaceful demonstrations are scheduled to start at 2:00 PM today. Junta is organizing people to join their site for 3000 kyats per day. Brigade-11 has newly arrived to Mandalay. Now all three (Brigade-33, 11, and police) groups are in stand-by duty positions.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

11:37 PM

minzaw: Over 700 Monks and nuns, arrested within Insein GTI detention centres are still on religious strike, that they do not eat food offered by the junta.

11:30 PM Write to ICRC and UNHCR

MyoThant: We were reported that 3 monks passed away today at Insein GTI detention center. 88-Generation Student groups demand that UN, ICRC, and UNHCR officials should ask the junta to visit the hospitals and these detention centers.

We request all readers to write to ICRC (International Red Cross Society), WHO, UNHCR, and UN to visit and inspect the current tortures and mistreatment of the prisoners at hospitals and detention centers.

Monks detained at Kyaikasan

Ko Hla: Monks, who were captured on the September 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th for a peaceful praying protest, are now being detained in Kyite-Ka-San Horse Racing Arena. The monks are not allowed to wear robes. They are forced to squat down as prisoners under the sun during the day-time and are forced to change into civilian clothes.

Monks removed. Forced-Labor Report

MyoThant: We got contact with an eye witness car-driver today, who is under forced-labor at Kyaikasan riot forces' detention centre. Monks are now transferred out of Kyaikasan detention center, although he does not know where they have been moved. Currently most people at Kyaikasan are women, some with infants in their arms, and they were pitifully crying. There are totally 30 private buses and trucks forced to use for their purposes, without payment or fees.

6:34 PM

KoHla: Confirmed news by phone - In Mawlamyaing, Pha-An, Taungoo, Myawaddy, military regime is forcing people to gather and show support for them this evening. Every household is forced to supply 3 persons. Similar things are forced to do so in other cities too. Most phone lines in cities outside Yangon are offline.

6:00 PM Singapore

About 250 demonstrators gathered at Myanmar Embassy in Singapore now, and will protest until 4:00am tomorrow. They were lighting candles and praying for the monks and people who died for democracy. Most of them were wearing shirts, which reads "Stop bloodshed in Myanmar. Concern for Myanmar."

5:04 PM

KoHla: Now, Myanmar Police Force is tracing the blog owner of This blog has been reporting the most updated information on the web, that CNN and BBC had to watch updates on his blog.

4:45 PM Taungok

About 800 people, led by 4 monks, gathered and demonstrated at Taungok, Rakhine State.
Ko Hla
: Photos of demostration in front of Myanmar Embassy in Singapore:

Badly wounded people burnt alive at YaeWay Crematorium

It is reported from several different sources that about 200 unknown dead bodies. The worse part is some very badly wounded people were burned alive without medical treatment, nor contacting the victims' families. It was confirmed by a staff at the Yayway Crematorium.

Below is a transcript of a phone conversation with a Burmese in Yangon:
Er… they shot… people got killed. Er…but it seems like it wasn't as
bad as yesterday in terms of number of deaths, however we will know
the accurate picture tomorrow. Er… la another disturbing news is
that er… I would like to know if you would inform BBC and CNN about?
(sob!!!) They burned the injured protesters/civilian people in the
YaeWay Crematorium la la . Er… the staff from crematorium told this,
crying, to the people who went to the funeral service. Please let
this known to CNN and BBC.

3:40 PM

MizzimaBurmese: UN envoy Gambari meets with Aung San Suu Kyi today for 20 minutes at a government guesthouse today. The 3-man UN envoy met SuuKyi after they have met with Than Shwe in Naypyidaw recently.

3:06 PM

NikNayman: Myanmar police force has given orders now to trace and arrest the famous blogger NikNayman, who has been reporting detail news about Myanmar.

2:24 PM Food difficulties for Monks

Niknayman: Most monasteries in Yangon have difficulties of preparing food for monks and nuns, because they are not allowed to go out of monasteries all day long. Democratic activists urge people of Burma to donate and support monasteries in your neighborhoods.

Ngwe Kyar Yan Abbot Replaced

Myo Thant: After the brutal attack at Ngwe Kyar Yan Buddhist Monastery by the dictator's troops 3 days ago, the Abbot (chief monk) has now passed away.

Now it has been urgently repaired, and even the Abbot (chief monk) position is replaced with an unknown monk, by the government authorities.

2:15 PM Kayah State

Multi-religional groups gathered at Dimawso and Fruso Townships today and read their prayers. Junta is now forming informal organization called "Swan-Arr-Shin" (meaning, owner of strength) with 20 member per village in Kayah State.

2:01 PM

Nearly 10,000 people are doing their demonstrations in the rain at Thamine junction.

2:00 PM

Ko Hla: Today, there were about 10,000 people protesting near ThaMine junction at 2:00 pm (local time) under the rain.

2:00 PM Mandalay

Students gathered at the corner of 75th and 35th Streets, waving a red flag. There were almost 100 motorbikes there. They made a brief protest and disappeared.

Junta is hiring people for 1000 to 2000 kyats (US$0.80 to US$1.50 at market rates) per day for their pro-junta movements, such as attacking democrat activists and to eliminate evidences (such as collecting bullet shells and cleaning up bloodshed, etc.).

Yangon Detention Centre Locations

MyoThant: A responsible citizen informed our group of 8888-generation students that riot police have setup their detention centres at these locations:
1. Kyaikasan Horse Racing Ground,
2. Yay-Kyi-Eine former Military Intelligence headquarters,
3. GTI (Governmental Technical Institute), Insein
4. GTC (Government Technical College)

1:35 PM

Niknayman: Pyay Road is now blocked up to 8th Mile now. UN envoy Gambari will be arriving back from Naypyidaw, as reported. University Avenue is now clear. It seems Gambari will be meeting Mrs. Suu Kyi.

9:30 AM Bangkok

KoHla: This is the link about protest in Bangkok.

11:30 PM

MinZaw: People from ward-3 and 4 of Thaketa towhship blocked the roads with barriers so that dictator's troops can not get in. However, they came by boat to that area by Thaketa stream, raided the monastery, and arrested them. Where about of these monks are now unknown.

To take records of Dead Bodies in the River

Burmese democratic activists have announced to inform and to take records and photographs of any corpses at the lower delta of Yangon River and Hlaing River in Yangon.

A high school student got shot

Ko Hla: A high school student was shot down in South Oakkalapa Township yesterday. The student’s parents managed to get his body but the military search the whole quarter and took back the body by force later.

Gambari to Myit-Kyi-Nar

KoHla: Myanmar military regime is arranging trip for Mr. Gambari to the town of Myit-Kyi-Nar. Pls help to convey msg that Mr. Gambari should remain in Ygn where most of the genuine protests are being carried out and see the actual situation of what is happening in Burma.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

10:00 PM

KoHla: On the night of 29 sept, at 3rd and 4th Ward in Tharkayta, civilians stood guard on the roads near to monastery in order to prevent the soldiers from capturing the monks. However, the soldiers came through nearby river and captured them. One male was shot to death as he told the troops not to capture the monks. His wife was beaten. The troops grabbed the little monks (child monks) by the legs and threw them into the trucks.

Burmese Government alert about Cameras

Ko Hla: Today, there were troops in the downtown Yangon. They search every bag and if someone got caught with camera in it, they would arrest him. They arrested anyone that they suspect - even the locksmith from Annaw-ya-htar Road was arrested.

Ultimatum to China (due Oct 2, 9:00am)

Ultimatum to the Government of People's Republic of China

We are the 8888 student activists overseas who have been relentlessly seeking for the freedom of Burma from the military rule in Burma, side by side with the 8888 generation in Burma since 1988. As you have already known, Burma has become the most important trouble spot in Asia quite sometime. That was why the Burma's crisis drew the attention of the UNSC to do something about it. And, the US and EU's effort to take action against the regime in Burma under the mandate of UNSC was vetoed by China and Russia on Jan 12, 2007.

Nowadays, we have been calling on you to render full and strong support in our cause – restoration of freedom and democracy in Burma – by co-sponsoring with the US for an urgent agenda in the Security Council but we don't see any profound and immediate assistance in this matter from your Regime. Moreover, China and Russia gave a green light to a slaughter of the monks and activists at the last meeting of the U.N. Security Council emergency meeting by simply saying "just an internal affair". As a result, we have no alternative route to gain your sympathy as a fellow Buddhist country or intervention as a good neighbor but declare a war by any all means possible in non-violent ways.

Chinese government always insists that Burma crisis was not a threat to international peace and security, and it is just its own internal affairs. How dare you to say such a thing like that when the whole world has deplored such horrible crimes against the Buddhist Monks, who are in their peaceful procession chanting the hymns about love, forgiveness and reconciliation. What the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued a blunt warning to Burma's generals, noting, as he put it," the age of impunity is dead" is absolutely true. We Burmese dissidents and people all over the world have no more vulnerability. Our patience for China is wearing thin. After we defeat China, Russia is to be next if Russia also fails to comply accordingly.

Here is our demand. Chinese Government must play a leading role to stop killing spree in Burma and support UNSC intervention to Burma. The ultimatum for China to join the world's body will be 72 hours starting from September 29, 2007 9:00 am to October 2, 9:00 am US Eastern Time. If China fails to meet our demands, we have decided to wage you the following global campaigns.
1. Boycott 2008 Olympic campaign
2. Boycott China's products.

Please visit our campaign at this link;

We, all Burmese around the world will organize global action against China allied with Tibetans Dissidents, all religious organizations, any government organizations including all Chinese and Russian friends around the world to participate with us.

Victor Naing (88 Generation)

Date: September 29, 2007

P.S. All Oversea Burmese must show the China that we Burmese are how much smart and sharp and unite when we need to do so.

H.E. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations, New York
DASSK and National League for Democracy (Burma)
National Coalition Government of Union of Burma (Washington, DC)
National Council of Union of Burma (Thai-Burma border)
State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)
Mr. George W. Bush, President of United State of America
All Burmese Citizens in exile

General Stike in Burma

This is an official announcement from the people of Burma, that there will be a general strike beginning on 1st October 2007, to stop going to work. Be a responsible Burmese citizen.

Government employees have got their salaries already by now. Remember that it is the "nation" who paid you salaries, not this "government".

Try to understand the difference between 'state' and 'government'.

Dr Shin Nyanitra not Arrested

Mizzima: It is confirmed that Dr Shin Nyanitra, the well-known Buddhist priest, was not arrested, as it was in the news yesterday.

Contact United Nations

Report violence, shooting of terrorism and send information to United Nations:



6:02 PM

Ko Hla: Right now, the Pan-soe-dan flyover bridge is closed down. The Maha-Ban-doo-la Road is only open up to La-tha Street, beyond La-Tha Street to Sule Pagoda is closed down. There are clashes between protesters and troops - as the troops threaten to open fire. So far there is NO shooting yet.

Since UN envoy, Mr. Gambari, is going to have a meeting with Senior General Maung Aye, the junta has officially sent orders NOT to open fire upon demonstrators.

18:00 Myitkyina

RFA: U Thilasara, a Buddhist monk from Myitkyina, died today, due to police and military brutality. He got a serious wound on the head, when police came to arrest him, and beat him up. After his death, the doctor was also forced to certify the death certificate that "heart disease" was the cause of death.

U Thilasara was educated in religious studies in Sri Lanka. He used to teach free English lessons to students in his town. Local people are furious about the death of such a noble man. Such police and military brutality is no strange story in Burma.

5:30 PM Mandalay

mizzimaburmese: About 5000 people gathered to do demonstrations in Mandalay. Dictator's troops has locked up and guarding most monasteries, so that monks could not come out of their monasteries. People gathered at 80th, 84th, 35th, 33rd Streets, and then got together. 3 military trucks followed and tried to break up the crowd. They arrested 1 student who tried crossing the road in front of them. Military paid transportation cost, and forced monks from outside Mandalay to go back to their native towns. They kept guarding the homes of NLD Party leaders.

5:01 PM

NikNayman: A peaceful demonstrations is going on now at Mandalay. No shooting reported.

Attacked Monastery Urgently Being Repaired

Niknayman: We were recently reported that Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastery, which was raided, and attacked 2 days ago at South Okkalarpa, Yangon, is now urgently being repaired to eliminate evidences.

Anti-Riot Division Anti-Riot Troops

MMedWatch: A dedicated group of anti-riot troops was formed within Brigate-77 led by Col. Thein Han under Minister Aung Thaung and General Htay Oo's supervision.

Agricultural Minister General Maung Oo and Minister of Information Brig. General Kyaw San is specially in charge of arresting monks at night.

4:30 PM

Demonstrators broke up and went home at 4:30pm today.

4:06 PM

Niknayman: Pansodan pass-over bridge is blocked. Bandoola Road is only open up to Latha. Soon after people gather, soldiers point their guns. Then the crowd disperses. Soon they gather again. It is reported that Gambari will be meeting Lt.Sr.General Maung Aye, the second chief of the junta.

4:01 PM

MinZaw: Famous student activist Su Su Nway has just left her home to join the peaceful demonstrators.

4:00 PM Gambari Meeting

Niknayman: UN Envoy Gambari arrived Yangon at noon. He is scheduled to meet Junta leadership today at 4:00 PM. He will be staying in Burma (Myanmar) for 2 days.

3:55 PM Pakokku

MinZaw: Public demonstration has started in Pakokku just now.

3:48 PM

NikNayman: The crowd has enlarged up to 70,000 now in China town. Most demonstrators here are teenagers of high school age.

3:35 PM Contact Gambari

Niknayman: Here is contact information to UN Envoy leader:
Professor Ibrahim Gambari
Undersecretary General for Political Affairs
United Nations S-3770A
New York . NY 10017
Tel: +1 212 963 5055/ 0739 ,
Fax: +1 212 963 5065/ 6940

3:22 PM

Niknayman: There are shooting at China town now. But only into the sky, as ordered.

3:13 PM

Niknayman: Confirmed from different sources that soldiers and police are officially ordered not to shoot at crowd today.

3:06 PM

minzaw: News from confirmed reliable sources: "Shooting order" is officially suspended for today, due to UN envoy Gambari.

2:55 PM Yangon

minzaw: Can hear demonstrators shouting over the phone conversation. No shooting has started for today. There is a big crowd over 10,000 people marching and screaming near Thanzay, Lanmadaw township, Chinatown.

2:45 PM

Over 2000 demonstrators have gathered at Shwebonthar Street, near jewelry market. Soldiers have not started shooting. Soldiers have surrounded the demonstrators, and started arresting little by little. About 1000 are protesting... and over 1000 are bystanders.

1:33 PM Yangon

Niknayman: Soldiers are blocking on all 4 sides of Sule Pagoda, the heart official centre of Yangon. Demonstrators have began protesting.

2:00 PM Yangon Police and soldiers are doing body-search to everybody in 40th Street area.

2:00 PM Yaynanchaung

About 150 Buddhist monks and over 10,000 people gathered, and reading Metta Sutta prayers and walking along General Aung San Road.


MyoThant: All internet connections using gov. ISP in Myanmar are still down at the moment.

1:56 PM Mandalay

koyinaaw: Helicopters are flying over Mandalay continuously. They are flying very slow over streets, probably to scare demonstrators on the streets. All schools are closed, although they are supposed to be open on Saturday today. Teachers are under informally detained and guarded by soldiers.

1:35 PM Yangon

Mizzima: About 500 men soldiers from Army Division-66, riot police, and policemen have positioned at Sule Pagoda. About 20 Toyota Dyna cars (without number plates) are in stand-by position to arrest people and to take away. Police with red scarfs are there at every 100 yards. An eye witness said, they seemed to be calm today.

There are about 20 soliers and police guarding Shwe Dagon east gate. The main roads, such as Kyaikasan Road, connecting with South Okkalarpa and Thingangyun, the heavily attacked areas are all closed.

12:50 PM Mogok

Mizzima: 11 military trucks have been patrolling all over Mogok. Informers reported us that it is not from the same division of troops, which were there yesterday. Monks and people started at Mogok Phaungdaw Oo Monastery, saying Metta Sutta prayers and praying these:

  • to stop torturing one another
  • to have a peaceful world
  • to fulfill peoples' desire
They almost had a face to face confrontation in front of Aung Chanthar Monastery, but demonstrators have chosen another way, and broke up to go home.

12:19 PM A Singaporean Shot and Beaten

Niknayman: A Singaporean was also brutally beaten and shot yesterday. Hospitalized and Singaporean Embassy officials went to see him at hospital.

12:01 PM Demonstration in India

About 300 democratic activists held a demonstration in India today.

Monks in India will protest the Indian government again tomorrow, for cooperating with the junta. Students from Nalanda will be joining in tomorrow.

11:31 AM

Situation of Yangon at 11:31am

Up-to-Minute Burma Situation Report TODAY 29-9-07am

29 Sep 07, 13:00 - MinZaw: An angry crowd is now gathering around Magol Road, downtown Yangon.

29 Sep 07, 11:00 - MyoThant: All internet connection are down in Myanmar. Some technicians comment that they might have tested news coverage yesterday by temporarily shutting it down.

29 Sep 07, 11:56 second man: Junta's strategies to squash demonstrators have changed a bit. It is reported that they will be using snipers to shoot down leaders. More systematic approach to corner demonstrators from both sides like yesterday in Pansodan Street.

29 Sep 07, 11:30 - MyoThant: A group of 88-generation activists are urging UN and US & UK embassies in Rangoon to open a 1-page web service via WIFI access to general public just to submit news photos (with user name: 2007, pw: 2007). Please write to them to request this.

29 Sep 07, 08:21 Niknayman: Than Shwe's private puppet organization called USDA is now gathering to do a progovernment protest. They demand a compulsory participation of 1 person per family in some parts of the town, to show some activity to the special UN delegate Mr. Gambari.


Niknayman: There are updated photos at

Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma's Situation 28-9-07pm

28 Sep 07, 22:20 - This picture on the top right is part of the human brain of a young boy attacked by Burmese SPDC soldiers at Tarmwe Township, Yangon yesterday. Riot police were not using rubber-coated rods. They were using heavy iron rods instead, which broke the skull, putting the young man to the end on the spot. This photo was taken after the dead body was taken away by the notorious Burmese soldiers.

28 Sep 07, 21:40 - SoneSeaYar: Junta destroying all murder evidences. Tyrant Than Shwe's SPDC soldiers are now destroying their murder evidences like they did in 1988. Eye witnesses reported that Toyota Dyna (number plate: Da-7270) carried many dead bodies, and dropped them in the Yangon River today. After every shooting, they ordered workers, seemed to be prisoners, to collect bullet shells to clean up their mess and evidence. All of this prove to be a "genocide", a systematic extermination of people with democratic beliefs.

28 Sep 07, 21:15 - MyoThant: Air flights to Burma are not suspended. Airline offices are of course closed at this situation. But airport branch offices are open and functional. There are all flights flying normally although there are much fewer people.

28 Sep 07, 21:01 minzaw: One local in Yangon just informed that soldiers are coming now to raid and arrest monks from Bargayar Monastery and Aung Mingalar Monastery at the corner of U Wisara Road and Bargayar Road.

28 Sep 07, 19:55 - second man: Tokyo, Sep 28 (RIA Novosti) Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda Friday ruled out immediate sanctions against Myanmar, Kyodo News reported.Japan rules out sanctions against Myanmar 'Much of Japan's assistance (to Myanmar) is humanitarian,' Fukuda told reporters. 'We won't immediately impose sanctions and should rather think about how this situation can be resolved.'The Japanese Foreign Ministry said Thursday that Kenji Nagai, 50, from Tokyo, was shot during clashes between security forces and anti-government demonstrators. The Japanese Embassy in Myanmar has confirmed that Nagai was shot in the chest.'I was told it was most likely instant death from massive loss of blood,' a Japanese government spokesman said. The US Thursday had imposed financial sanction on 14 top leaders of the Myanmar junta. The last anti-Junta demonstrations in Myanmar were led by students in 1988. Security forces opened fire on crowds and around 3,000 people were killed.

28 Sep 07, 19:42 second man: The last anti-Junta demonstrations in Myanmar were led by students in 1988. Security forces opened fire on crowds and around 3,000 people were killed.

28 Sep 07, 19:42 second man: The US Thursday had imposed financial sanction on 14 top leaders of the Myanmar junta.

28 Sep 07, 19:42 second man: 'I was told it was most likely instant death from massive loss of blood,' a Japanese government spokesman said.

28 Sep 07, 19:39 second man: The Japanese Foreign Ministry said Thursday that Kenji Nagai, 50, from Tokyo, was shot during clashes between security forces and anti-government demonstrators. The Japanese Embassy in Myanmar has confirmed that Nagai was shot in the chest.

28 Sep 07, 19:38 second man: 'Much of Japan's assistance (to Myanmar) is humanitarian,' Fukuda told reporters. 'We won't immediately impose sanctions and should rather think about how this situation can be resolved.'

28 Sep 07, 19:38 second man: Japan rules out sanctions against Myanmar

8 Sep 07, 19:37second man: Tokyo, Sep 28 (RIA Novosti) Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda Friday ruled out immediate sanctions against Myanmar, Kyodo News reported.

28 Sep 07, 19:34 Niknayman: There will be detail coverage video about Burma at 9:30pm tonight.

28 Sep 07, 19:30 - MMedWatch: Protesters were blocked by soldiers on both ends of Pansodan Road, down town Yangon today. Soldiers shot into the crowd, and at least 2 wounded. 35 arrests. They shot down people who tried run away.

28 Sep 07, 19:28 Niknayman: Tayza and Than Shwe's daughter are reported to be in Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel, Room No 709. Their body guard San Aung is with them. Room is under Tayza's name.

28 Sep 07, 19:11 Niknayman: Some of the DSA (Defence Services Academy) students at MayMyo want to join civilians. Planning to come down to Mandalay tomorrow.

28 Sep 07, 19:02 Niknayman: USDA people went protest, as well as civilian democrats and monks.

28 Sep 07, 18:22 minzaw: South Okkalarpa Police Station has been burnt, as reported.

28 Sep 07, 18:10 Niknayman: Than Shwe's puppet army, called USDA, is now organizing people in Nyaung Oo, that at least 1 person from 1 family should join their rally. They will do some kind of protest again.

28 Sep 07, 17:38 Niknayman: Still shooting at Kyauk Myaung, Thida Road. They are catching even the people who fled away by climbing up trees.

28 Sep 07, 15:30 MizzimaBurmese: Pansodan Street attack on demonstrators today was a silent one at 3pm, without shooting much. Many got hurt. Many arrested. Their announcement of 9 death is impossible.

28 Sep 07 - Myo Thant: AMERICAN JOURNALIST DEAD? Several internet sources says An American news reporter (in green shirt and blue jeans) [Click to see photo.] was also shot. His dead/wounded body was taken away by the Burmese soldiers. An analyst says all traces of this tragic man could be eliminated. We're seeking hotels and travel agencies if they knew this man.

28 Sep 07, 17:30 - MMedWatch: Shooting at unarmed demonstrators at Pazuntaung Tsp killed at least 3. Many wounded.

28 Sep 07, 17:20 - MMedWatch: About 1000 protesters were blocked by soldiers on both ends of Pansodan Road, Yangon. Most ran away. A few were cornered. 3 shot dead. After beating, about 35 people are cornered and arrested.

28 Sep 07 - SoneSeaYar: Unconfirmed sources reported that Yangon Division Chief Brig. General Hla Htay Win resigned yesterday, for such assignments. He is now arrested and now under detention.

28 Sep 07, 17:09 Niknayman: Video footage of shooting down the unarmed harmless Japanese journalist is available now:

28 Sep 07, 17:05 second man: A witness has just informed us that an old female foreign tourist has been shot. Casualty is not confirmed. Details soon hopefully.

28 Sep 07, 16:50 second man: Many private news journals have temporarily shut down.

28 Sep 07, 16:47 Niknayman: It is great news that ICRC (International Red Cross Society) is now sending out cars, collecting and giving medical aid to the wounded people on the streets.

28 Sep 07, 16:42 second man: There are now pools of human blood on Pansodan Street, downtown Rangoon. They are now beating up with iron rods, some witness say.

28 Sep 07, 16:39 Niknayman: Picture of Htet Tayza, the son of the Burmese tycoon:

28 Sep 07, 16:35 Niknayman: There seems to be mutiny inside the Burmese junta. Both sides shooting at each other are the military. Helicopters are busy flying over Mandalay.

28 Sep 07, 16:34 second man: Ko Yan Naung Soe from 88-generation students was arrested at 2pm today.

28 Sep 07, 16:37 second man: Military is beating up people on the streets, and doing mass-arrests at many corners of the streets.

28 Sep 07, 16:31 Niknayman: Protesters in Yangon broke up into 2 groups: 1 toward Ahlone Tsp, and another toward Bohtataung. Military has surrounded the protesters going toward Ahlone.

28 Sep 07, 16:30 Niknayman: There might be a little over 100,000 people on the main roads of Mandalay, filled with Buddhist monks and civilians. Military has withdrawn from previous positions. No shooting yet.

28 Sep 07, 16:24 second man: Military has raided and attacked on Pansodan Street. Small lanes are all closed. Only main roads are usable.

28 Sep 07, 16:15 - MyoThant: Another news sources say other flights flying tonight will be still flying. Unsure about tomorrow.

28 Sep 07, 16:06 Niknayman: About 15 soldiers from Division-33 has joined with the civilians.

28 Sep 07, 15:59 Niknayman: In Mandalay, protesters are shouting on 33rd street (between 83+84 St)

28 Sep 07, 15:57 Niknayman: Only TG (Thai Airways) is open for booking for flights to Myanmar. All other international airlines are suspended.

28 Sep 07, 15:55 MMEdWatch: Due to high number of death and wounded, WHO Yangon went to hospitals to donate phamaceutical products. The junta gov refused to accept. When WHO called YGH (Yangon General Hospital), they neither said 'yes' nor 'no'. They simply hanged up. Military surrounded the Yangon General Hospital.

28 Sep 07, 15:53 Niknayman: About 300 young students are marching and protesting in Tarmwe now.

28 Sep 07, 15:49 Niknayman: A new revolution song:

8 Sep 07, 15:21 minzaw: Some neighborhoods in Yangon are making barriers on the streets, so that the military trucks can not come in.

28 Sep 07, 15:29 minzaw: In Mandalay, military has drawn 3 lines. Protesters are confronting the military, at the east side of Phayargyi.

28 Sep 07, 15:23 Niknayman: slideshow of photos from tomorrow:

28 Sep 07, 15:15 Niknayman: Burmese junta's Prime Minister General Soe Win has passed away in Singapore.

28 Sep 07, 15:11 Niknayman: A big group of protesters marched down from Shwe Dagon, while another is now near Nurse Institute, Pyay Road.

28 Sep 07, 15:10 Students passed by Nyaungpinlay Plaza. Some civilians are preparing weapons at Sule Garden. Yangon city is now guarded by Army Division-66 and Division-77.

28 Sep 07, 15:10 Niknayman: Internet connections are back online now in Myanmar. Careful about information transfer. They could be intercepting all information we are sending.

28 Sep 07, 14:59 minzaw: Australian Ambassador to Myanmar said the actual death toll could be much much higher than the 9 death that the Burmese government announced on 27th.

28 Sep 07, 14:52 Niknayman: Thai Buddhist monks gathered and prayed for the Buddhist monks in Burma. Burmese descendants and immigrants in Australia also gathered and protest against the junta today.

28 Sep 07, 13:35 - Soldiers has raided Melamu Pagoda. They are now stationing in that pagoda. Civilians are not allowed to enter. There are about 4 military trucks. Protesters at Theingyi Bazaar has blocked the roads. Now they have disperced.

28 Sep 07, 14:35 - Police took away a red fighting peacock flag, from students, at the end of 27th Street.

28 Sep 07, 14:28 - SoneSeaYar: In Mandalay this afternoon, about 200 Buddhist monks gathered and marched on protest. At 31st Street, they merged with 30,000 civilians. Military in Mandalay worshiped the monks and urged them politely to go back to monasteries. One local man commented that soldiers may raid monasteries at nights.

28 Sep 07, 14:15 - Demonstrators have increased up to 10,000+. 17 truck-loads of armed forces are gathering near Malemu Pagoda.

28 Sep 07, 14:00 - Burma's airforce planes are landing to Yangon. No detail news yet. Some emergency plans must have been carrying out. More news soon.

28 Sep 07 - The famous Thidagu / Thabeik Eine Abbot Dr Shin Nyanitra and several other Monks are now arrested.

28 Sep 07 - MyoThant: Dr Shin Nyanitra is 1 of the most famous monk, very fluent in English, and he wrote the book "Buddhism is NOT a religion".

Please be informed that the UN Designated Official in Yangon has established a 24 hour hotline in caseof emergency, especially duringcurfew hours. The numbers to call are:
(01) 554-597 or (01) 554-625.
Please pass this to all people inside Burma. This is a Yangon hotline.

28 Sep 07, 13:45
second man: According to the yangon contacts, Air Bagan Advertisement signboards were destroyed in downtown and didn’t know who did that. They didn’t hear of army shooting fire guns nor demonstrations in downtown until now. They confirmed that Internet connections are down because MPT said they need to do service maintenance. There were army trucks in DhammaZedi Road too.

28 Sep 07, 13:35pm - The tyrant Senior General Than Shwe's family is reported to be in Laos today, from unconfirmed sources. Two days ago, some reported that they arrived Bangkok, Thailand.

28 Sep 07, 13:13 Niknayman: Over 10,000 people are at SanPya Market.

28 Sep 07, 13:09 Niknayman: YaYaKa offices (basic level administration) offices are closed, and running away now. The base level of Junta begins to be falling apart.

28 Sep 07, 13:06 Niknayman: So many monks are detained in Insein GTI (Government Technical Institute) compound now.

28 Sep 07, 12:57 minzaw: Two army divisions are shooting at each other now.

28 Sep 07, 12:56 minzaw: Division-66 is now fighting together with the civilian people.

28 Sep 07, 12:55 minzaw: About 50,000 people are around Theingyi Bazaar, downtown now.

28 Sep 07, 12:49 second man: Reliable news: Division-33 is not obeying Than Shwe's order to shoot at civilians. Army Division-99 is dispatched by plane right now.

28 Sep 07, 12:34 myochit: A lot of shooing in North Okkalapa Township, north-eastern edge of Rangoon.

28 Sep 07, 12:30 - Several airplanes flew out of Meikhtila Central Air Force Base. Nobody knows the details yet.

28 Sep 07, 12:10 second man: Military Division-22 has been called to Yangon. Reliable news.

28 Sep 07, 12:00 second man: now shooting at North Okkalarpa Tsp. Waiting for more details.

10:00 PM Yangon

Dictator's forces have gathered to raid the Buddhist monastery at Ward-8, Hlaing township at night. People in the neighborhood gathered and shouted to frighten them. The forces left.

Htoo Trading Closed

Htoo Trading, run by business tycoon Tayza, informal son-in-law of Dictator Sr. General Than Shwe has issued an order to close his offices, after paying 2-month salary to their staffs. They were informed to contact their offices in November.


According the eye-witnesses spoken to a friend of mine on the phone right now, almost all the monasteries in Rangoon are being raided by the military troops tonight. The fate of the monks who have been and are going to be arrested is unknown.

This is what happened when UN failed to provide timely help to Rwanda in 1994. We do not want the ugly history to repeat.

(Extract from wikipedia.

The Rwandan Genocide was the 1994 mass killing of hundreds of thousands of ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutu sympathizers in Rwanda and was the largest atrocity during the Rwandan Civil War. This genocide was mostly carried out by two extremist Hutu militia groups, the Interahamwe and the Impuzamugambi, during about 100 days from April 6 through mid-July, 1994. At least 500,000 Tutsis and thousands of moderate Hutus died in the genocide.[1] Some estimates put the death toll between 800,000 and 1,000,000.[2]

In the wake of the Rwandan Genocide, the international community, and the United Nations in particular, drew severe criticism for its inaction. Despite international news coverage of the violence as it unfolded, most countries, including France, Belgium, and the United States, declined to prevent or stop the massacres. Canada continued to lead the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda, United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). Despite specific warnings and requests from UNAMIR's commanding officers in Rwanda, before and during the genocide, the UN Security Council refused to send additional support, declined UNAMIR's request for authorization to intervene, and even scaled back UNAMIR's forces and authority.

Flying Bullets, Dying Protestors

People are suffering and living on fear of being arrested and tortured. Monks are beaten, killed and arrested in a Buddhist country of Burma. What are you waiting for, United Nation?

Peaceful protestors lead by Monks desperately urge for national reconciliation, dialogue and democracy. Instead, they got bullets flying all over their heads and they are dying under the repressive regimes. Does it sound like watching war movie? No, it is not a movie. It's what happening right now in Burma. Official Burmese media reported 9 were killed including a Japanese reporter. And guess what the response over this extreme terrorist stance? UN is closely watching over the event. The junta might not hear those words under as they are busy firing warning shots directly into the crowd.

A friend in Burma told me their lives are in grave danger. And he asked me last night over google talk when UN Security Council would take action to stop killings in Burma. I have no answer frankly. Burmese junta had killed thousands of civilians back in 1988. How many are they going to kill? The answer belongs to China and Russia, two of five permanent members of UN Security Council. They must take full responsibility if millions are killed in Burma like in Rwanda and Sudan.

US & UK vs China & Russia?
Please, this is not the time to power-play.

I urge anyone who loves freedom to help the people of Burma.
Please save Burma out of devil's guns!

Burma's Situation 28-9-07am

28 Sep 07, 12:00 second man: Now Myanmar police and soldiers are shooting at North Okkalarpa Tsp. Waiting for more details.

28 Sep 07, 11:55 Niknayman: Brig. General Tin Tun Aung, Chief of Division-33 of Burmese Army refused to shoot at monks in Mandalay. Confirmed.

28 Sep 07, 11:50 minzaw: There are about 10,000 people gathered near Traders Hotel, downtown Yangon.

28 Sep 07, 12:01 MyoThant: Telecommucation to Yangon land lines works only about 1 minute per call. Can not call to any cell phones in Yangon.

28 Sep 07, 11:32 Niknayman: Soldiers are now surrounding Pyaw Bwe Buddhist Monastry, North Okkalapa.

28 Sep 07, 11:04 Niknayman: Most phone lines are all disconnected now throughout the country.

28 Sep 07, 10:58 MyoThant: We need to save strength and man count for tomorrow.

28 Sep 07, 10:43 second man: Most of the internet connection from Burma seem to be down at the moment. Only some r available.

28 Sep 07, 10:39 Niknayman: Junta just allowed special UN Envoy Ibrahim Gambari to come to Burma tomorrow. We need to act maximum while he's in Yangon.

28 Sep 07, 10:11 MyoThant: The house Kyaing Kyaing (Mrs Than Shwe) lives in Singapore is not a rent house. It's their own house, bought with all stolen money.

28 Sep 07, 10:11 Niknayman: At 9:15am, there are 3 truck loads of riot police at South Okkalarpa, Ngwe Kyar Yan Buddhist monastry.

28 Sep 07, 10:17 myanmarpyithar: Please be informed that the UN Designated Official in Rangoon has estiblished a 24 hr hotline in case of emergency,especially during curfew hrs, the numbers to call are; 01 554 597 or 01 554 625

28 Sep 07, 08:56 Niknayman: Last night during curfew, communist military and police has raided South Okkalarpa Tsp, and arrested 37 truckloads of elder men, and young man, young women were arrested. Total number is unknown.

28 Sep 07, 09:47 koyinaaw: There also is another English news for international readers

28 Sep 07, 09:41 koyinaaw: Pls distribute this:

28 Sep 07, 09:25 Niknayman: Than Shwe has plotted an insurance plan, by taking Maung Aye's family also to Singapore, insuring that Maung Aye will not run a coup and take him over, because Maung Aye's family will be heavily guarded by his troops and private escords in Singpore.

28 Sep 07, 09:26Niknayman: koyinaaw: Good news! No.33 Division of the Burmese Army refuce to shoot the people officially.Government ordered to No.33 Army for move out from Mandalay but they are not following the order.We need to pray for our people and real Myanmar Soldiers.

28 Sep 07, 09:29 koyinaaw: WARNING TO ALL CAMERAMEN: Junta has checked all office rooms on Sakura and Traders, for computers and cameras.

28 Sep 07, 09:19 koyinaaw: Riot police are not real riot police now. They are soldiers wearning riot police. And they are drugged, and so cruel that the real original policemen had to stay away from them.

28 Sep 07, 09:04 Niknayman: Late last night about 300 monks were brutally arrested during curfew.

28 Sep 07, 05:47 Niknayman: National Buddhist Council is breaking up. 20 Chief Bishops went on stike avoiding their meeting last few days. Some even had dropped their tears. The junta forced them to sign their prepared paper.

28 Sep 07, 09:34 koyinaaw: Dr. Lwan Swe's blog:

28 Sep 07, 05:16 SoneSeaYar: Burmese military Division-66 has been throwing stone, using catapults. They go around town with loud speakers, announcing that people should not use catapults to attack soldiers. Those who use them, and those who helped and hide the demonstrators will be procecuted.

28 Sep 07, 04:03 Niknayman: At 9:45pm last night, 7 trucks and 1 officer car drove toward Insein on the Insein Road, full of dead and wounded bodies.

8 Sep 07, 04:18 Niknayman: Let's wear red shirts today, in horner and in memory of the martyr Buddhist monks, where were brutally murdered by the Burmese junta.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma Genocide Photos

Hello! HU Jintao (President of the China)
Look! these photos and you can see what happening in myanmar (Burma).

Do you remember you vetoed in UN?

You are responsible for this.
What will you do for dead victims in Burma?

A Burmese-Myanmar soldier killing Japanese journalist (27.9.2007)

(Aim and shooting)
A Burmese-Myanmar soldier killing Japanese journalist in 27.9.2007. His name is Mr. enji Nagai from APF Tsushin.

(After shooting)
A Burmese-Myanmar soldier killing Japanese journalist in 27.9.2007. His name is Mr. enji Nagai from APF Tsushin.

3:00 PM Kyaikasan Mass Murder

Mizzima: We received a letter recently about a mass murder at Kyaikkasan, Rangoon near SuperOne supermarket. At about 3pm, demonstrators were marching toward north. Dictator's troops arrived and blocked near SuperOne Supermarket. Unarmed peaceful demonstrators made a U-turn and went southward. Some troops arrived and blocked at Tarmwe Junction. Then they started shooting into the crowd, until the crowd dispersed. Number of death toll is so far unknown.

This blog will be kept updated in chronology order, and not by blog sequence (reporting-time) order.

2:55 PM Japanese Journalist Killed

This video clip caught the scene how the Japanese journalist was shot and killed.

An Eye-Witness Tourist JALIN's Experience

Subject: Update at 20:15 Sep 27, 07

Hi all,

We're still safe within the compounds of this hotel where a lot of other foreigners live. The scene is very different outside. There are 3 large pickup trucks right in front packed with plain-clothed gov. thugs called Swan-ah-shin ready to do the dirty work. Several riot police and soldiers are there too. Still we could see that side street tea shops are setting up shop for the evening and hear the jingle from the sugar cane juice vendor and see pedestrians walking outside. So we decided to take a walk to see if the internet cafe was open. We crossed Bogyoke Rd. and walked through Mg Htaw Lay to Anawyahta. There were 2-3 truckloads of riot police, soldiers and ?firefighters sitting on the street blocking it right next to 2 parked fire engines. The internet cafe was closed so we bought some food and came back. People were walking past all this, some just stood and watched, some shops were still open so got some beer too. Downtown is not as deserted as some areas outside I guess. At about 1300 today Robert, Khin Sabae, her 2 friends and I went out after hearing loud chanting from the marching crowds followed not long after by some gun shots. There were thousands of people on the street. Sule was blocked off so we walked to 33rd st. We met one of Khin Sabae's friends who told us there was a young man who was shot in the thigh and bleeding heavily hiding in one building trying to get to the hospital. We followed her and met with a young man carrying this wounded person all by himself on the street. We had him laid down and I saw the entrance wound in the buttock and the exit wound in the thigh. He was a little pale (most Burmese are) but his pulse was strong and was not so fast. No visible pumping artery. We asked for a bedsheet so a couple of ppl could carry him. Someone in the crowd said he would drive him to the hospital. We put him in the taxi and the driver was so outstanding. He wove through cars, people, red lights, trishaws and everything and got us to the ER. I didn't carry my medical supplies that I bought yesterday so I couldn't do anything other than checking his pulse and reassuring him. I felt really bad about it. In the ER I was met with an ortho surgeon whom I know so he told me to split and they'll take over coz otherwise there will be questions. So I did. I went to the ICU to see if the rumors of ppl being admitted to the ICU the day before were true. I was told it wasn't by a reliable source. (that could have changed by now) There was at least one casualty who'd arrived before us to the ER. I walked my way back to the hotel. After I crossed Shwedagon Pagoda rd and Bogyoke Lan I saw riot police in full riot gear coming towards me and the crowd. There is a high fence in the center of this big ave and on my left is the Bogyoke market which is now closed off. I had no choice so I climbed over the fence and got into the market. The security guy yelled at me and told me to go back out but I ignored him and pretended I didn't understand Burmese. I walked behind the cover of huge pillars as the riot police walked passed outside the fence. They fired shots but I don't know whether they fired into the crowds or not. But no one screamed so I assumed they were warning shots. I basically was stuck there behind that pillar when someone whispered from somewhere above who told me to take the stairs which was well hidden behind the pillar. I went upstairs and got some shots and video clips. A few shopkeepers were still there and they basically helped me get a good view and get out of the market through a church which is between the hotel and the market. Ordinary ppl of Burma want the world to know what it's like to be Burmese and be in Burma and how brutal the regime is. It was an eventful and emotional day for us yet again. It's been confirmed that one Japanese journalist was killed this afternoon and some 9-10 other people. I'm telling you this so you will know this is not just some news that you see on TV in a far off place. This is real involving your friends (us) and their loved ones and you may be able to do something about it. Whatever the UN and the international community has done is neither enough nor effective. Maybe the protests outside of Burma should take place not in front of Burmese embassies but the Chinese ones. There will be more bloodshed unless China and maybe India and Russia step in. How can this be achieved?
We will stay put for now. My plan to try and go to one of the clinics this evening was obviously canceled. We might try and get out on Monday or Tuesday. Until then we'll be careful. I'm writing this from the hotel by the way.

p.s. the young man who was shot is an NLD member from South Okkalapa and the other one who carried him must have been the same too. They all look so young and yet so courageous. Broke my heart.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prayers made at Buddhist Protests

These are the peaceful prayers that Buddhist monks and nuns have been praying. This means that they wish all living creatures to be safe, to be free from being mentally poor, to be free from physically poor, and to avoid tortures among humans.

Actually they are not protest. They should rather be called "Praying Ceremonies".

Saturday, September 1, 2007

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court