Friday, September 28, 2007

Flying Bullets, Dying Protestors

People are suffering and living on fear of being arrested and tortured. Monks are beaten, killed and arrested in a Buddhist country of Burma. What are you waiting for, United Nation?

Peaceful protestors lead by Monks desperately urge for national reconciliation, dialogue and democracy. Instead, they got bullets flying all over their heads and they are dying under the repressive regimes. Does it sound like watching war movie? No, it is not a movie. It's what happening right now in Burma. Official Burmese media reported 9 were killed including a Japanese reporter. And guess what the response over this extreme terrorist stance? UN is closely watching over the event. The junta might not hear those words under as they are busy firing warning shots directly into the crowd.

A friend in Burma told me their lives are in grave danger. And he asked me last night over google talk when UN Security Council would take action to stop killings in Burma. I have no answer frankly. Burmese junta had killed thousands of civilians back in 1988. How many are they going to kill? The answer belongs to China and Russia, two of five permanent members of UN Security Council. They must take full responsibility if millions are killed in Burma like in Rwanda and Sudan.

US & UK vs China & Russia?
Please, this is not the time to power-play.

I urge anyone who loves freedom to help the people of Burma.
Please save Burma out of devil's guns!