Saturday, September 29, 2007

Up-to-Minute Burma Situation Report TODAY 29-9-07am

29 Sep 07, 13:00 - MinZaw: An angry crowd is now gathering around Magol Road, downtown Yangon.

29 Sep 07, 11:00 - MyoThant: All internet connection are down in Myanmar. Some technicians comment that they might have tested news coverage yesterday by temporarily shutting it down.

29 Sep 07, 11:56 second man: Junta's strategies to squash demonstrators have changed a bit. It is reported that they will be using snipers to shoot down leaders. More systematic approach to corner demonstrators from both sides like yesterday in Pansodan Street.

29 Sep 07, 11:30 - MyoThant: A group of 88-generation activists are urging UN and US & UK embassies in Rangoon to open a 1-page web service via WIFI access to general public just to submit news photos (with user name: 2007, pw: 2007). Please write to them to request this.

29 Sep 07, 08:21 Niknayman: Than Shwe's private puppet organization called USDA is now gathering to do a progovernment protest. They demand a compulsory participation of 1 person per family in some parts of the town, to show some activity to the special UN delegate Mr. Gambari.